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Wanna know how much I love my clients?! Let me show you👇🏻 Besides creating custom brands and websites, my second favourite thing is putting together a client gift. I think that client gifts are a sweet touch to help celebrate the end of a project, and also share in the excitement of the new brand […]

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What’s in my client’s gift?

I have a very serious question for you… 🧐⁠ Does anyone else love a good tool or resource they use to help make their business run more smoothly?! Because I do! I’m a sucker for helpful tools. One of the biggest is my project management system Basecamp—if we’ve had a business chat lately, you know […]

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Entrepreneur Business Tools

Hey there, friend! I’m Tristyn, of Sipsy Ink – a copywriting studio for creatives and purpose-driven brands. And I’m super excited to take over the Hoffman Creative Co. blog to chat about one of my faaavorite topics:  “Why is copywriting important for your brand new Showit web design?” Oooh, you’ve got that brand new Showit […]

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Why is Copywriting Important for Your Brand New Showit Web Design

An image of Tristyn Sipsy, the copywriter and content writer behind Sipsy Ink, with her dog.