improve your diy website with these tips

don't make these diy mistakes

Look I get it, building a website is NOT easy. I’m so proud of you for taking the next step to up-level your business by designing your website.

Chances are this is your first website and you’re learning lots as you build out the site. But you might not know allll the things to include.
Things like user-friendly features, SEO tips, and overall best practices for websites.

Did I make you start sweating? Don’t worry! That’s why I created this DIY website checklist.

This list was designed with you in mind—the DIY business owner. I’ve included standard website best practices, helpful SEO tips, and overall page updates you might have missed.

I’ve worked on building, updating, and maintaining websites since 2015. And I put this checklist together as a way to prepare you when you hit publish.

What are you waiting for friend?! Building your website doesn’t have to be complicated. Grab this freebie and take your website to the next level!

And don’t worry if you’ve already built your site, you can still download this guide and update your site today!

Wedding and Events Coordinator

"Maggie was phenomenal to work with on rebranding and designing a website for my Wedding Coordination Business. She communicated quickly and listened to the feedback that I had on my project.

Maggie truly delivered a beautiful website and was there with me every step of the way for all the questions that I had. Highly recommend Maggie for your next website design!"

maggie is phenomenal

Pink Fox Photography

"Maggie absolutely knocked it out of the park! If you need help with your website whether it's building it from scratch or revamping it, Maggie is your girl. She brought my vision to life & I feel so much better about this huge part of my business."

brought my vision to life

Template Customization Client

Adventurous Wedding Photographer

"I loved working with Maggie on my brand refresh. She was incredibly easy to communicate with and brought my vision to life in what seemed like no time. My brand colors feel super unique with references to shows that I often relate to with my clients!

If you’re thinking of booking Maggie for with your brand, do it! It was the best investment I’ve made!"

best investment