Alright friends, this is a brand that I am PUMPED to share with you!! Megan and I met in a Christian Mompreneur group (entrepreneurs who are also mothers), and earlier this year, she mentioned she was looking for a rebrand. We quickly connected over Instagram and then chatted more over Zoom. Shortly after, she hired […]

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Brand Highlight | Finding Freedom Financial Services

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Jenn popped into my inbox earlier this year looking for a brand and website refresh. After our initial call, I knew that this project would be SO much fun. Jenn edits romance novels and is a book coach (HOW COOL?!). She was looking to take her business away from a previous job site to house […]

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Brand Highlight | Fresh Look Editorial

Holli was referred to me by a previous client, Jordan–see Kitchen Sink Collaborative. We chatted about Holli’s new public affairs business and about how she wanted to start out on the right foot by launching her brand and website at the same time.  Holli is a proven leader in Indiana politics, having served as an […]

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Brand Highlight: Fortitude Public Affairs

So you *think* you’re ready to get a rebrand. But then you have a little nagging voice in the back of your mind stopping you from reaching out to your favourite designer, saying “what do I actually need before I get a rebrand?” And “Am I at a place in my business to rebrand?” Well […]

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What You Need To Get Started Before You Book a Designer

I’m super excited to share about this new brand I had the pleasure of designing. Cook Inlet Glass & Home is a window, and glass installment company based in Alaska. Both my husband and I are friends with the owners, so that was an added bonus being able to work with friends! About Cook Inlet […]

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Brand Highlight: Cook Inlet Glass & Home

This is a special project close to my heart. One that a dear friend of mine and I built together. Building Up Anima Collectio A little background to set the stage. Running a business is hard. Running a design business can be harder when faced with the OVERLY competitive nature of the industry. And when […]

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Brand Highlight: Anima Collectio

HONESTY TIME!!! I’m about to spill the tea… so get ready!!!☕️⁠ You NEED to have brand photos taken for your business. ⁠ I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to remind my clients that their website needs to have THEM on it. While you don’t have to be on every page, your ideal […]

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Why You Need Brand Photos On Your Website

Are you curious how I get from point a to z in designing?⁠⁠ Well, let me show you! ⁠⁠ One of the biggest helpers in creating a mood board. ⁠⁠ What is a Mood Board? A mood board is just a fancy way of saying a document that has all the inspiration on it. I […]

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What’s A Mood Board and Why I Make Them For Brand Clients

Wanna know one of the biggest things I look at when I get a new package in the mail? ⁠⁠The Packaging⁠⁠! No seriously, I’m a fan of good packaging! And, ⁠⁠I’ve been known to save some packaging as examples and inspiration for later. I have a shelf reserved for just the pieces I get in […]

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Why You Should Care About Branded Packaging

Let me know if this is you👇🏻⁠ Are you overwhelmed with too long of a to-do list, that “updating your branding” keeps getting pushed to the bottom? Or you don’t want to wait months for the brand of your dreams?! ⁠ *both hands raised and jumping up and down!*⁠ ⁠ Well, that’s why I offer […]


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