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Running a business is a lot of work. Thankfully we don't have to do it alone. I've complied a few of my favourite resources that I use daily in my business, to help with the backend and front end of my business.

DIY website Checklist

This freebie helps you review your website and prepare for a DIY launch. Make sure you've got all the things you need before you hit publish on your new website.

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Stop using the third-party app for your link-in bio. Keep your website traffic and add your brand + personality to your web links for FREE with my Showit template.

Link-in-bio template

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5 mistakes on your Portfolio page

I've seen photographers make the same mistakes on their portfolio page time and time again. This freebie will help you showcase your work in a professional way.

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I took Elizabeth's course over the summer of 2021 and it was AMAZING. I learned so much about becoming a booked out designer and truly felt capable to run my business.

Read my full experience on the blog.

mentorships + Courses

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Booked Out Designer Course

Coaching with Allee Williams

Design Intensives

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I was coached by Allee for majority of 2021. She was SO insightful and truly helped me free up limiting beliefs I held.

Learn more about Allee.

I took Jenna's Design Intensive course in late 2021 and it was eye-opening! I loved learning about how to set up and offer my design intensives.

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Business Tools

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This is the web host platform I exclusively design on! Its a drag and drop design builder without having to use HTML code.

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Google Suite

I use Google Suite to keep all my emails in order, Google Cal, Google Drive, and Google Doc as I communicate with my clients throughout their project.

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I use HoneyBook for all of my contracts, invoicing, questionnaires, and client brochures. It helps me stay organized.

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Elizabeth created an AMAZING spead sheet to help with all things business finances. You're going to want to purchase this to help you stay organized for tax season.

Elizabeth' Mccravy finance Tracking



I keep all my projects organized in Basecamp. This amazing tool helps me set to-do lists, share documents easily, and keep the project items all in one space.

I send a lot of videos to my clients as I walk through their designs. Loom allows me the ease of filming within my browser, or any tab I have open on my computer.

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Erica created some amazing Showit codes so you don't have to spend hours pulling your hair out. Check out this course and uplevel your Showit site.

The Seedling Studio

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Design Tools

These mock-ups are great resources to provide professional mock-up images to clients. I use these for launch graphics as well.

Moyo Studio

Creative Market


This online shop has been a great resource for finding fonts my clients can use in their brands.

This website has helped me as I've built out brand colours for clients. 

Check out their site.

This subscription is great to gather inspiration from, or also to use icons and illustrations when creating graphics.

The noun project

adobe creative cloud

grid ruler plug-in

All my designs are made in Adobe. I rely on Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop.

This plug-in has been a LIFESAVER! I use this plug-in when designing in Showit to help keep everything even as I design.

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