I get it, there's a lot to do while you're running your business. That's where I can come in and help you. 

Check out my tea-riffic packages that can help you with a rebrand, new webiste, or if you want me in your corner for complete overhaul of your brand and website. Either way, I'm your girl and here to help you! 

And in the event you want to customize some more items, don't worry at all, I have a few a la cart options as well-I love a good tea party. 

So get cozy, grab your favourite mug and let's get started on your next passion project.

let's have a tea party!

We all have a favourite cup we love to drink out of, right, or is that just me? 

Think of this package as the reliable cup you pull out of the cupboard when you go for your favourite drink. It has the perfect handle, it insulates your drink and the rim is wide enough that you aren't splashing yourself when you sip, you know, all the important things.
Just like the perfect tea cup, there is the perfect branding for your business.

Together we can help you have the perfect cup to showcase your business and mission.


Our Packages

unique brand experience

YAY!! You're either starting a new business (AMAZING!) or wanting a refresh (also AMAZING!)

I have over eight years experience in graphic design and will work with you to build out our vision.

We can work together to develop strategy so you can get your feet under you.


"Maggie did way more than I could have ever expected. I was expecting something simple to get my channel started, but she went above and beyond to provide me with materials to be successful down the road. This saves me time AND money. Couldn't be happier!"

Marshall, Garage Time TV

unique brand experience

Custom branding
starting at $650

New brand colours, fonts and patterns
Brand Guide
Launch Graphics for social media
Business Cards

High resolution primary and secondary logos, and two sub marks

package includes

Need a refresh on your current brand? Not a problem, I do that too. Send me an email at maggie@hoffmancreativeco.com and we can bring some new life into your brand.

Think of your website as a window to a store front. If your ideal client strolls past your store—website—what are they going to think? Is your website eye-catching and speaking to your ideal client? Do you stand out as an expert in your field?

No? Well don't worry, I'm here to help you stand out online.

We will together to design you a custom ShowIt website that draws in your ideal client and also displays your creativity as a business owner.

You can't make a good online impression without a website, just like you can't make tea without a tea kettle.

unique Showit web design

Ahhh SUPER exciting that you're looking for a custom website!

We have been working on websites for the past seven years.

While we do not host the site, we have been able to build out sites on various platforms and will help you choose a host that fits what you are looking for.

Our main web host is ShowIt. We design on a fully-customized platform so you can have that unique website that catches your ideal client's eye.

Tea kettle

“Thanks to Maggie's abilities and professionalism, my bakery's website went from a few random thought bubbles in my head to a beautiful introduction of Foofoo Mama Bakery to my future customers. I'm so happy with how the site looks and functions. I would recommend Hoffman Creative Co. to anyone!”

—Jen, Foofoo Mama Bakery, Newberg, Oregon

unique Showit web design

Custom web design
starting at $2,750

Fully Custom Showit Website Layout (5-7 pages)
Mobile-friendly Site
Basic SEO Optimization
Image Optimization
ShowIt Web Training
Launch Graphics for Social Media

package includes

Fully Custom Showit Website Layout (5-7 pages)

Mobile-friendly Site
Basic SEO Optimization
Image Optimization
ShowIt Web Training
Launch Graphics for Social Media

Need an extra set of hands to oversee your website, blog or to create a few new pages, not a problem! I do that too. Send me an email at maggie@hoffmancreativeco.com and we can chat more about your needs.

Your personal rebrand magician. I'm here to help walk you through a rebrand that not only shares your vision but also speaks to your ideal client. 

We will dive into creating a brand and website that stands out in your market and showcases your unique talent. 

Let's chat over a cup of tea and see what we can create together.


unique Showit website & branding

YIPPPEEEE! I can't wait to walk with you through this rebrand and custom website design with you.

We will dig into what you want your ideal client to feel and think when they interact with you. 

I'm boiling the water, got the tea kettle ready and just waiting for you to pick out the tea and we can get started creating some magic!

Tea Party

“Maggie was friendly, flexible and both offered up great solutions and listened to feedback I gave.
It felt like I had a partner in my business and I appreciated the help and guidance she gave as it is a lot to navigate marketing, design, websites, etc. as you start a new business.
The outcome was really great! I would work with her again in the future. ”

—Mandy, Unaccustomed Beauty,
Salt Lake City, Utah

Custom branding and web design
starting at $3,575

Custom Showit Website Layout (5-7 pages)
Mobile-friendly Site
Basic SEO Optimization
Image Optimization
ShowIt Web Training

package includes

unique Showit website & branding

High resolution primary and secondary logos, and two sub marks

New brand colours, fonts and patterns
Style Guide
Business Cards
Launch Graphics for Social Media

Reach out if you are interested in monthly maintenance or add-ons for your website. Send me an email at maggie@hoffmancreativeco.com.

Think of it as your a la cart package, you already know what you want and you need an extra set of hands to step in and work with you on a smaller project.

Together we can create special projects to help your business shine. These offers vary in price.

your place for custom designs

Customers make a decision within 3-4 seconds to keep looking at your product or pass it by (Cultivate Communications).

We can work together using your brand to create eye-catching pieces to keep your customers engaged and interested in your business both in digital and print media.

tea leaves

Prices vary based on project, please inquire for details.

Packaging Designs
Social Media Graphics
Posters or Flyers
Single or Multiple PDF
Custom Illustrations
Style Guide
Business Cards

package includes

“I LOVED working with Maggie. She takes my ideas and puts them to life with her creativity!”

— Whitney, Young Living Consultant, Alberta, Canada

unique designs

What website platform do you design on?

I design websites on ShowIt.
 I chose this platform because of the versatility of it and the drag and drop features. 
It has an easy to use backend and I feel it helps keep both me and my client's websites organized. 
I love how I have creative freedom with the design and can custom make both the desktop and mobile layouts separately.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is your design process? 

Just like my client’s, my design process strives to be unique. I want everything I make to reflect the client, and I won’t stop until you’re giddy—no really, I will work hard to ensure your brand and website are original and reflect who you are.
I make sure to not copy and paste the same elements to other websites and branding, while there might be similarities—like boho colours, or hand-drawn flowers—everything will be unique to you and your vision.


Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t want my brand or website to look like someone else’s

How long does it take to work with you?

Truthfully, it depends on the project. For most brand related projects you are looking at a minimum of two-weeks. For a website, you’re looking at a month. But that can change depending on what you want, and if there are a lot of revisions.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will I need to purchase additional items for our project?

This completely depends on the project and what you are looking to do. If you want custom illustrations added to your website you can purchase some off Creative Market, or add some to your package at an additional fee.

With a brand design, I may recommend you purchase fonts so you have those on hand for you to use and pass along to other desingers.


Frequently Asked Questions

How many pages do you include in your website package?

My Tea Kettle and Tea Party packages come with 5–7 page. This includes a Home, About, Services, Portfolio, Contact, and up to two additional pages.

Packages will increase if you want to add a blog or more pages to your site.


Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t need all the items you include in your package offerings, can the price decrease?

I understand your project is an investment, however, no, the items listed within the package are complimentary additions to the overall project. I have created these packages with you in mind and want to make sure you’re getting the best things out of your rebrand.

I'm happy to discuss payment plans for your project.


Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do once you send me my finished brand?

Once you make your final payment, you will receive a zip folder with all the variations of your primary logo, secondary logo, sub mark, etc. Once you receive that email, download it and SAVE IT.

You are then free to do what you’d like, put it on your website, a coffee—or tea–mug, a business card, poster, sticker anything! Your brand is yours to share. I ask that you don’t alter it in anyway. But we will cover that in our contract.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any payment plans?

Yes! I understand that taking on a brand + website designer is an investment. I offer a few payment plans so I’m happy to discuss this more once we sign your contract.


Frequently Asked Questions

Adventurous Wedding Photographer

"I loved working with Maggie on my brand refresh. She was incredibly easy to communicate with and brought my vision to life in what seemed like no time. My brand colors feel super unique with references to shows that I often relate to with my clients!

If you’re thinking of booking Maggie for with your brand, do it! It was the best investment I’ve made!"

Wedding and Events Coordinator

"Maggie was phenomenal to work with on rebranding and designing a website for my Wedding Coordination Business. She communicated quickly and listened to the feedback that I had on my project.

Maggie truly delivered a beautiful website and was there with me every step of the way for all the questions that I had. Highly recommend Maggie for your next website design!"

The Rolling Pin Bakery

"I was drawn to working with Maggie because of her positive attitude, and helpful information I had seen her share through Instagram. From start to finish, designing my perfect logo felt effortless on my part.

I loved that I would send Maggie a suggestion and she would take it, put her spin on it, and send me several different ways that it could be incorporated into my logo. I would recommend Maggie and Hoffman Creative Co. to anyone who is looking to have a logo made!"

Pandemic Academic Tutoring

"Maggie was AMAZING! I just started my own business and tried to do marketing from scratch, but it just wasn't working.

She helped me come up with an approach that was totally authentic to my company's vision and is getting me on track to build up my company with so much more success.

Maggie is not only very skilled in marketing and graphic design, but she is also professional, responsive, and genuinely caring of the success of her clients! I would recommend her to anyone!"

Renewed Joy Etsy Shop

"Working with Maggie was amazing! She took the time to hear my heart and my vision for my small business.

Maggie helped me define my audience, solidify my brand and figure out marketing strategies that work for me. The simple strategies Maggie personalized for me help make my workload more sustainable and fit into my daily rhythm.

Starting a small business is not as scary as it used to be!"

Young Living Consultant

"I LOVED working with Maggie. She takes my ideas and puts them to life with her creativity!"


We can't wait until you share your vision with us!

What are you waiting for?

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