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It is SUCH an honour to be able to add that title to my business. Hoffman Creative Co. is now a Showit Design Partner!!!! What is a Showit Design Partner? A Showit Design Partner is a website designer who has gone through a verification process and becomes a trusted design expert of Showit. The team […]

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Hoffman Creative Co. Showit Design Partner

To go along with the new brand for our Designer Retreat, Erika (from and I partnered to build a custom website. If you missed the launch of Anima Collectio, you can go read about the brand and how it all started here in this other blog post. The Beginning of Website Design Erika and […]

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Website Highlight: Anima Collectio

Another Harry Potter inspired brand. I am a very BIG Harry Potter fan, so I thought it was fitting to create a passion project from this. Padfoot is a fictional character in Harry Potter–the nickname of Harry’s uncle. Inspiration for Padfoot Outdoor Adventure Thinking of Harry Potter’s uncle being an Animagus (a wizard who can […]

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Passion Project: Padfoot Outdoor Adventure

My nephew inspired Xavi Baby. At the time I made this, he was growing too fast, and has ALWAYS been active. I thought that a children’s clothing company would be fun to brand as kids grow like crazy, and there could be something fun and unique to this type of brand. About Xavi Baby My […]

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Passion Project: Xavi Baby Clothing Boutique

This post is all about helping you make some basic edits to your Showit website. Editing a page To edit a page click the Page Menu, and the page you want to edit. From there, choose the canvas you want to edit. The Canvases are stacked on the left of the screen. Elements will show […]

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Showit Help: Basic Edits

My nephew Oliver, inspired this passion project. He is a wild and adventurous little one. And I know his life will be full of new adventures. Oliver’s Adventure Background Building out this brand, I decided to make something that would fit with an outdoor adventure company. Some business focuses on taking people on adventures they’ve […]

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Passion Project: Oliver’s Adventure

Earlier this summer Zach and I had the chance to visit Manhattan, NY. And it was a DREAM! As a Canadian, I feel like NYC has always been hyped up to be the BEST place—which I’m sure some Americans feel that way too. But being able to visit a place that is referenced in SO […]

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Places to Visit in NYC

I’m super excited to share about this new brand I had the pleasure of designing. Cook Inlet Glass & Home is a window, and glass installment company based in Alaska. Both my husband and I are friends with the owners, so that was an added bonus being able to work with friends! About Cook Inlet […]

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Brand Highlight: Cook Inlet Glass & Home

Have you ever thought about how we celebrate our friends when they get a new job, buy a house, get engaged/married, or have a baby, but we don’t really celebrate new businesses? I’ve been SO blessed to have the most supportive friend group who have encouraged me as I venture out in business. And I […]

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Small Business Gift Ideas

How to Set Up Click Actions In this video, I walk you through various click actions and tips for the Showit web host platform. There are various ways to link elements, text boxes, and individual words. Hyperlinking and Click Actions If you want the whole text box, image, or shape to be hyperlinked, you can […]

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Showit Help: Click Actions