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*There are affiliate links in this book editor website blog post, all that means is if you shop from one of my likes, I’ll get some thank-you money from the service provider. Wow! This project has been one for the books! (literally, because Jenn is a book editor—too punny? Sorry haha) I had the pleasure […]

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Website Highlight: Fresh Look Editorial

Visual hierarchy is a design principle that explains how pieces are organized. Designers use this principle when creating various forms of content by putting important information in easy-to-find spots. There are two different patterns of visual hierarchy that I’ll explain later. But first, we will start with the importance of it. Why Visual Hierarchy is […]


What is Visual Hierarchy?

First, let’s talk about what Design Standards are. When you think about a business, and how it displays its visual brand, there is a certain set of rules on how to use the brand. Those are Design Standards. While this may all sound technical and rigid, it isn’t. I like to tell clients that these […]

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What Are Design Standards For Your Business, and Why You Need Them

When a brand design project is complete, there are two types of file types that designers like myself will send clients.  Vector Files A vector file is made up of a mathematical formula to build an image. The formula can resize the image and maintain its quality regardless of how much the size is increased […]

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Design File Types and Where to Use Them

Marketing on Billboard

I’m sure many of you know this, but there are A LOT of fonts out there to choose from to use with your brand.⁠⁠ And I mean A LOT😬🙈⁠⁠ Finding a brand font can be a challenge because you may not know where to start your search. ⁠⁠ Are you looking for a serif, sans […]

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Brand Fonts & What You Need To Know About Them

Hoffman Creative Co. website displayed on laptop

Veronica came to me earlier this year looking to update a few things on her website. And guys, before I get started on the project details, she has the COOLEST business! She runs a company of pet sitters specifically for couples who want their dogs involved in their wedding. You can hire a sitter to […]

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Template Customization | Pawfect for You


I’m so excited to introduce! This custom website is also paired with a new brand design for Holli Sullivan. Holli is the former Secretary of State of Indiana and just launched her public affairs agency. Holli and I had so much fun working on her brand! I was really looking forward to building our her […]

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Website Highlight | Fortitude Public Affairs


Alright friends, this is a brand that I am PUMPED to share with you!! Megan and I met in a Christian Mompreneur group (entrepreneurs who are also mothers), and earlier this year, she mentioned she was looking for a rebrand. We quickly connected over Instagram and then chatted more over Zoom. Shortly after, she hired […]

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Brand Highlight | Finding Freedom Financial Services

finding freedom financial services submark facebook post

Jenn popped into my inbox earlier this year looking for a brand and website refresh. After our initial call, I knew that this project would be SO much fun. Jenn edits romance novels and is a book coach (HOW COOL?!). She was looking to take her business away from a previous job site to house […]

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Brand Highlight | Fresh Look Editorial

Holli was referred to me by a previous client, Jordan–see Kitchen Sink Collaborative. We chatted about Holli’s new public affairs business and about how she wanted to start out on the right foot by launching her brand and website at the same time.  Holli is a proven leader in Indiana politics, having served as an […]

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Brand Highlight: Fortitude Public Affairs