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There’s nothing more exciting than combining creativity with a special occasion, especially when it’s for your best friend! Recently, I had the absolute joy to design graphics and signage for a bachelorette weekend in the breathtaking Rockies of Alberta. The ladies booked a stunning place in Nordegg, AB. And I SO wished I could join […]

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Design Highlight: Bachelorette Party in the Rockies

Backdrop sign for bachelorette party

I see this question a lot or a variation of it—can I blog with Showit? What does Showit do with blogging? You get the idea—it’s a great question and I’m going to break down blogging with WordPress on your Showit website. The simple answer is yes, Showit lets you blog. It works with WordPress to […]


How Does Showit and WordPress Work Together?

Blogging on WordPress

Alright, this is an industry I haven’t had the opportunity to work with yet. But I’d love to be able to design a brand and website for a restaurant. Restaurants are so unique and branding one would be such a great challenge. In the meantime, here are several Restaurant brands that I designed for fun. […]

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Passion Projects: Four Restaurant Brand Concepts

Earlier this Spring, I was asked to be the chairwoman of my church’s women’s retreat planning committee. Along with this role, I was able to design and make all the marketing materials and print materials needed for the retreat. I love planning events, and truth be told, I had always wanted to be a party […]

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Marketing Materials For Church Retreat

This passion project stemmed from one of my childhood best friends, Jess. I’ve known Jess since 2002. Over 20 years of friendship. Jess and her husband LOVE to travel. They’ve been around the world visiting some amazing places like Australia, Mexico, Thailand, and Scotland. To name a few. This passion project came about for a […]

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Passion Project: Jessica’s Travel Blog

I believe we’re in a time when businesses need to lean into branding. This isn’t just a pretty logo but also ties into the way you want users to feel when they interact with your business. Branding builds trust, helps with sales, and gives your business distinction from other companies. I’ve had the opportunity to […]


Why Branding is Important for a Network Marketer

This passion project is a fun one, and I love how it turned out. There was a clothing shop I discovered a few years ago with this name and I LOVED their clothes. I still do, a lot of what I wear is still from their shop. This was a brand design I had fun […]

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Passion Project: Citrus and Lemon

*There are affiliate links in this book editor website blog post, all that means is if you shop from one of my likes, I’ll get some thank-you money from the service provider. Wow! This project has been one for the books! (literally, because Jenn is a book editor—too punny? Sorry haha) I had the pleasure […]

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Website Highlight: Fresh Look Editorial

Visual hierarchy is a design principle that explains how pieces are organized. Designers use this principle when creating various forms of content by putting important information in easy-to-find spots. There are two different patterns of visual hierarchy that I’ll explain later. But first, we will start with the importance of it. Why Visual Hierarchy is […]


What is Visual Hierarchy?

First, let’s talk about what Design Standards are. When you think about a business, and how it displays its visual brand, there is a certain set of rules on how to use the brand. Those are Design Standards. While this may all sound technical and rigid, it isn’t. I like to tell clients that these […]

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What Are Design Standards For Your Business, and Why You Need Them