Alright, this is an industry I haven’t had the opportunity to work with yet. But I’d love to be able to design a brand and website for a restaurant. Restaurants are so unique and branding one would be such a great challenge. In the meantime, here are several Restaurant brands that I designed for fun. […]

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Passion Projects: Four Restaurant Brand Concepts

Earlier this Spring, I was asked to be the chairwoman of my church’s women’s retreat planning committee. Along with this role, I was able to design and make all the marketing materials and print materials needed for the retreat. I love planning events, and truth be told, I had always wanted to be a party […]

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Marketing Materials For Church Retreat

This passion project stemmed from one of my childhood best friends, Jess. I’ve known Jess since 2002. Over 20 years of friendship. Jess and her husband LOVE to travel. They’ve been around the world visiting some amazing places like Australia, Mexico, Thailand, and Scotland. To name a few. This passion project came about for a […]

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Passion Project: Jessica’s Travel Blog

This passion project is a fun one, and I love how it turned out. There was a clothing shop I discovered a few years ago with this name and I LOVED their clothes. I still do, a lot of what I wear is still from their shop. This was a brand design I had fun […]

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Passion Project: Citrus and Lemon

Visual hierarchy is a design principle that explains how pieces are organized. Designers use this principle when creating various forms of content by putting important information in easy-to-find spots. There are two different patterns of visual hierarchy that I’ll explain later. But first, we will start with the importance of it. Why Visual Hierarchy is […]


What is Visual Hierarchy?

To go along with the new brand for our Designer Retreat, Erika (from and I partnered to build a custom website. If you missed the launch of Anima Collectio, you can go read about the brand and how it all started here in this other blog post. The Beginning of Website Design Erika and […]

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Website Highlight: Anima Collectio

Another Harry Potter inspired brand. I am a very BIG Harry Potter fan, so I thought it was fitting to create a passion project from this. Padfoot is a fictional character in Harry Potter–the nickname of Harry’s uncle. Inspiration for Padfoot Outdoor Adventure Thinking of Harry Potter’s uncle being an Animagus (a wizard who can […]

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Passion Project: Padfoot Outdoor Adventure

My nephew inspired Xavi Baby. At the time I made this, he was growing too fast, and has ALWAYS been active. I thought that a children’s clothing company would be fun to brand as kids grow like crazy, and there could be something fun and unique to this type of brand. About Xavi Baby My […]

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Passion Project: Xavi Baby Clothing Boutique

My nephew Oliver, inspired this passion project. He is a wild and adventurous little one. And I know his life will be full of new adventures. Oliver’s Adventure Background Building out this brand, I decided to make something that would fit with an outdoor adventure company. Some business focuses on taking people on adventures they’ve […]

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Passion Project: Oliver’s Adventure

If you are a fan of Harry Potter, then you’ve likely caught onto the name of this passion project, as the names of Harry’s parents. As I mentioned in a previous post, I love to pull inspiration from things around me, and this idea for a videographer came from Harry Potter. Background on the Brand […]

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Passion Project: Lily James Film