Websites aren't a one and done tool in your business. They require updates, new additions, refresh of images and services. 

Even if you are looking for a custom website, have you thought about after the launch and how you will maintain your site?

Don't worry. I am not trying to get you to panic. I want you to think about the investment of a website and the work it does require after you hit publish.

That is why I offer a variety of packages to help you, the busy business owner on ensuring your site grows with each season.

website packages

have the website of your dreams

If you want a custom Showit site built, then hop into my calendar and let's chat.

All sites are built from scratch, with your ideal client in mind. Together we build a site that reflects your brand personality and showcases your services. And, I'm a Showit Design Partner—so you're in good hands.

You can check out my work here, too.

looking for a custom build?

Lulle Photo

"Maggie is a great and effective designer and communicator. She brought up fun ideas to add that I hadn't even thought of.

She's friendly, smart, and very easy to work with. If you need something done and with a fast turnaround time, Maggie is your girl."

maggie is your girl

Pink Fox Photography

"If you need help with your website whether it's building it from scratch or revamping it, Maggie is your girl. She brought my vision to life & I feel so much better about this huge part of my business."

vision to life

Showit Template Customization

Wedding and Events Coordinator

"Maggie was phenomenal to work with on rebranding and designing a website for my Wedding Coordination Business. She communicated quickly and listened to the feedback that I had on my project.

Maggie truly delivered a beautiful website and was there with me every step of the way for all the questions that I had. Highly recommend Maggie for your next website design!"

maggie is phenomenal

Bennett's Custom Designs

"I have to commend Maggie on her patience with us on making decisions but also knew when to step in and let us know what would look best. Maggie was able to bring our ideas to life and we could not be happier with the end result. Our website is beautiful and functional."

our website is beautiful

Peregrine Coaching & Consulting

"Maggie was able to draw out a sense of my brand and business and translate that into a website that far exceeded my expectations.. She brought real expertise and a collaborative spirit that made her easy to trust and a true partner to work with."

real expertise

Maintaining a website is more than swapping out images. It's refreshing the website copy, adding new offerings or pages, or getting support with blogging.

Check out my packages depending on your website needs.

additional packages

Package starts at $8,500

Copy written for 4 pages
Custom Showit site design 5–7 pages
Custom launch graphics
Basic SEO
Mobile-friendly Site
ShowIt Web Training

package includes

Did you know that a good website doesn't only focus on the design?
Copy (or text) on your website, is one of the best ways to keep your audience on your site longer, and help them see their problem solved.

Working with a copywriter and designer sets your website apart. You not only have strategic design, but also strategic copy to keep visitors coming back and buying from you.

I've partnered with my friend, and copywriter, Laura to offer you the full package of copywriting and custom website design. Together we can position your redesign to speak to your ideal client and share your incredible value.

Website Copy + Design

Package prices vary on needs.

Hourly rate of $125.

Design Additional Pages
Edit Existing Layout
Add More Functionality
Addition of Blog to Showit Account

package includes

"Maggie is a great and effective designer and communicator. She brought up fun ideas to add that I hadn't even thought of. She's friendly, smart, and very easy to work with. If you need something done and with a fast turnaround time, Maggie is your girl."

–Halle, Lulle Photo, Showit Template Customization

One of the great things about Showit is that they offer templates. You can purchase a template, add it to your site and edit it for your business. 

But, sometimes, our plates get too full. Or we want to edit more on the site than we know how. That is where my template customization package comes in.

Together we can work on updating your site to be the way you want. This package can be a set rate, or charged hourly, depending on your needs.

Template customization

Package prices vary on needs.

Monthly rate of $200.

Your choice of frequency
Edits to copy and images
Add More Functionality
Minor Edits

package includes

"I have been working with Maggie for about 4 months now, and she's been incredible. She took over managing my website, and has taken my vision of what I wanted my site to feel like and made it reality. From the little details like fun font changes to launching the blog, everything has been executed beautifully and timely."

–Dr. Nicole, Inspired Family Chiropractic

You might be thinking "Maggie, I don't have time to eat, much less edit my website." I know, we all have things piling on our to-do list. 

That's why I offer monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly edits to your website. You can add me as a Contributor, we plan out your schedule, and then I will go in and edit your site with the information and images you provide.

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

website maintenance

Package starts at $85/month.

Your choice of frequency
Create blog post layout
Publish blog post

package includes

I bet you've heard that blogging is one of the best ways to improve your SEO. But are you also thinking "I don't have time for that?!"

This is a unique package I recently started offering. While I do not write the blog posts for you, I take what you have written, put it into WordPress, layout the post with images, and then hit publish for you.

Consider this your accountability partner to keep blogging and extra set of hands to help you cross the finish line.

Blogging support

You need someone to help you get across the finish line with monthly blogging.

Think about if you're tight on resources, maybe a template customization or maintenance package

You're overwhelmed with adding website edits to your plate but unsure where to start

You threw your website together overnight so you need some extra TLC and redesign

You have some fun ideas to add to your site, but don't know how or have the time

You haven't touched your site in AGES and it needs some love

Are you stuck on which package you want? Not a problem, I'm happy to hop on a no-pressure discovery call with you to chat more about your needs and how we can partner on your site.

Which package is for you?

Which package do I go with?

There are a lot of options, but you don't have to go at it alone. Hop on a call with me and we can help you narrow in on what you need. 

I want you to choose the most effective package for your business needs.


What if I want to change/add to my package?

Absolutely! I have open communication with my clients. If you want more added to your package, I'm definitely on board. Know that additions will cost extra.

If you want to reduce the frequency, that is perfectly okay with me too!


When does it end?

This is up to you. If you sign me on for a one-time project—adding a Blog, adding a page, etc.—then the project ends when the task is complete. 

But for blogging and maintenance we can agree on an end date and close the contract together.


Do you have any payment plans?

This depends on what package you are looking for. Some packages that require hourly work it is likely no, but building out a blog, or maintenance we can break that out into multiple payments.


What is your process?

I'm your tea-loving, loud laughing, Canadian, who truly loves to serve others.

I live in Portland, OR with my American husband and mini-Beagle, Cora. 

You can find me sipping on copious amounts of tea, while I work behind my computer building show-stopping brands and websites for the creative female entrepreneur. 

I've been working on website for the last seven years, with the last being in my own business. 

I'm so excited you're here and taking your business into your hands and asking for help!

i'm maggie!

Lennox Jai Boutique Owner

"Maggie went above and beyond to meet all of my needs!

She was both timely and attentive to whatever edits I asked for. Will definitely be using her in the future. The flyer she made me turned out beautifully."

above and beyond

Ashley's Tasty Bits

"Maggie Hoffman was so wonderful to work with!

She was prompt with communication, listened to the things that were important to me with my project, and produced a high quality logo that I could afford working on a new business budget.
Thank you for making Ashley's Tasty Bits stand out!"

wonderful to work with

Hello Clutter, Professional Organizer

"I was so lucky to have won a giveaway from Hoffman Creative Co. but now I wish I had hired Maggie WAY before the giveaway!

 Maggie's work is incredible, and I could feel her passion long before I officially was a client!

If you're on the fence about hiring Maggie or think "well I could make this myself" - DON'T HESITATE ANY FURTHER! Maggie is a master at what she does, and you should 100% allow her to take something off of your plate and turn your dream designs into a reality."

maggie is a master

additional offerings

Along with website packages, I also offer design intensives and full branding packages.

I've created a DIY website checklist to help prepare you for publishing your website. 

Still want to diy your site?