I get it, building a website is A LOT of work. And sometimes we don't even know where to begin, let alone when we're ready to hit publish.

We can sit on our own website for a long time not confident in sharing it with the world, because "did I include everything?" keeps creeping in our mind.

But don't worry. I'm here to help you give you confidence in publishing your website.

If you've DIY'd your website, then keep reading.

website audits

confidence in your website

why you need a second set of eyes on your website

You might have missed something. We tend to overlook things when we've been nose deep in building them.

Web design might not be your expertise. 

What are website audits?

These are a review of your website to ensure they meet best practices, uphold user-friendliness, and include some SEO help.

You will receive a constructive review of your website from the perspective of a web designer. 

If you've been stuck on knowing what to include on each page, or need some help with making sure your site is easy to navigate, then website audits are the best thing for you.

thorough review of your site

This is for you if...

If you're wondering, Maggie, this sounds nice, but how do I know if this is for me?

You who have an overall grasp of what you want your website to look like, you need help tidying up the edges

You're tight on resources, but want a  professional website for your business

You're overwhelmed with adding website edits to your plate but unsure where to start

You threw your website together overnight because you had to open up sales online and don't know what  else to add

You're not confident in your site—even though you should be, building a site is not for the faint of heart!

Your site has been up for ages and not refreshed in a LOOONG time

What do you need from me?

Fill out my inquiry form and make your payment. Once your payment is made, I will begin the audit of your website.
Audits take one business day to complete after payment is made.


What do you do in the audit?

I review every active page on your website (if you have some hidden pages that you want me to review, just let me know).
I will go over each page and provide recommendations based on my seven years of website maintenance experience.


What do I receive when it's done?

I will send you a Loom video of me walking through your site. A PDF of my recommendations and the reasoning behind them. And a suggested layout of your website to help you visually see my suggestions.


Do you have any payment plans?

No, not for the audits. I want to give you as much resources as I can to set you up for success. 


What do I do when it's finished?

You can make the recommended edits to your website. 

If you do not want to make those edits yourself, I'm happy to schedule a time to edit your Showit site as a maintenance package.


so how does it work?

ready to dive in?

If you're ready to have your website audited, please fill out my contact form below. I will confirm your inquiry, and send an invoice.

Once I receive your payment, I will complete your audit within one business day.

let's begin!

Wedding and Events Coordinator

"Maggie was phenomenal to work with on rebranding and designing a website for my Wedding Coordination Business. She communicated quickly and listened to the feedback that I had on my project.

Maggie truly delivered a beautiful website and was there with me every step of the way for all the questions that I had. Highly recommend Maggie for your next website design!"

maggie is phenomenal

Bennett's Custom Designs

"I have to commend Maggie on her patience with us on making decisions but also knew when to step in and let us know what would look best. Maggie was able to bring our ideas to life and we could not be happier with the end result. Our website is beautiful and functional."

our website is beautiful

Pink Fox Photography

"If you need help with your website whether it's building it from scratch or revamping it, Maggie is your girl. She brought my vision to life & I feel so much better about this huge part of my business."

vision to life

Showit Template Customization

Peregrine Coaching & Consulting

"Maggie was able to draw out a sense of my brand and business and translate that into a website that far exceeded my expectations.. She brought real expertise and a collaborative spirit that made her easy to trust and a true partner to work with."

real expertise

Sometimes having an extra set of eyes is all we need to confidently hit publish. 

These website audits are designed to give you constructive feedback and support as you build your DIY website.

let's talk pricing

"Maggie absolutely knocked it out of the park! 
If you need help with your website whether it's building it from scratch or revamping it, Maggie is your girl. She brought my vision to life & I feel so much better about this huge part of my business."

Cat, Pink Fox Photography,
Showit Template Customization

Website Audits
starting at $475

If you need help with updating your Showit website, or want to start the design over from scratch, let's chat. I offer website packages for both updating a website template or fully custom designed sites. 

Ready to get a second set of eyes on your website? Let's get started!

I'm your tea-loving, loud laughing, Canadian, who truly loves to serve others.

I live in Portland, OR with my American husband and mini-Beagle, Cora. 

You can find me sipping on copious amounts of tea, while I work behind my computer building show-stopping brands and websites for the creative female entrepreneur. 

I've been working on website for the last seven years, with the last being in my own business. 

I'm so excited you're here and taking your business into your hands and asking for help!

i'm maggie!

Lennox Jai Boutique Owner

"Maggie went above and beyond to meet all of my needs!

She was both timely and attentive to whatever edits I asked for. Will definitely be using her in the future. The flyer she made me turned out beautifully."

above and beyond

Ashley's Tasty Bits

"Maggie Hoffman was so wonderful to work with!

She was prompt with communication, listened to the things that were important to me with my project, and produced a high quality logo that I could afford working on a new business budget.
Thank you for making Ashley's Tasty Bits stand out!"

wonderful to work with

Hello Clutter, Professional Organizer

"I was so lucky to have won a giveaway from Hoffman Creative Co. but now I wish I had hired Maggie WAY before the giveaway!

 Maggie's work is incredible, and I could feel her passion long before I officially was a client!

If you're on the fence about hiring Maggie or think "well I could make this myself" - DON'T HESITATE ANY FURTHER! Maggie is a master at what she does, and you should 100% allow her to take something off of your plate and turn your dream designs into a reality."

maggie is a master

I've created a DIY website checklist to help prepare you for publishing your website. 

Still want to diy your site?

additional offerings

Along with website audits, I also offer design intensives, full branding packages, and custom website designs.